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Watch TV Online: One Account, Many Devices, Anywhere

Watch TV Online: One Account, Many Devices, Anywhere

Watch TV Online: What are the benefits?

There are plenty of good reasons to watch TV online, including being able to watch whatever you want, wherever you are. This is something you cannot do with your cable or satellite set-top box.

Another very good reason to watch TV online is the cost. In some cases, it is free, and in other cases it cost very little versus cable or satellite TV. You can also watch TV online on your choice of devices. Watch TV online on a big screen television, on a smartphone, or even a tablet. And you can watch TV online at home, at your office, on the subway, on the beach, in a hotel, or just about anywhere you can access the public Internet.

How can you watch TV online?

watch TV online

At WhereverTV, you can watch TV online for free or you can choose our mobile package and watch TV online for pennies a day,

How do you watch TV online? It’s quite easy. All you need is a Internet connected device and a web browser. In some cases, you should also upgrade to the latest version of Adobe Flash player, see you can watch some streams that are broadcast using flash technology.

You can watch TV online by simply “googling” just about any channel you want to see. At WhereverTV, we have a global listing of channels that you can watch on your PC and we also have a special service for channels that are only playable on your tablet or smartphone. You can search by country, by genre, my language, or even by keyboard.

Once you get to a specific channel page, all you have to click the play button, and the channel should start playing automatically. Not all channels broadcast 24 hours a day live on, but many do broadcast live every day, all day.

Watch TV Online: Create your account today

You can watch TV online today by creating a free account at WhereverTV. We don’t need your credit card information, we don’t ask for you to pay for the service (although we do offer a paid service for smartphone, tablets and on big screen TVs), utilizing our patented Global IPG, which manages channels across smartphones, tablets, or a TV streaming device, such as Google TV or Amazon Fire TV.

Watch TV Online on different devices

Because WhereverTV is a cloud-based TV platform, you can create a favorite channel list on your PC, and then watch those channels on your tablet, or vice-versa. You can create channel lineup on your TV, and then watch those channels on your smartphone. We can do this because we do not store the channel list on a single device, but we this metadata in the cloud. This might seem like a simple difference, but it really changes the way you can save, access, and view your favorite channels, making your TV viewing experience seamless across devices and geographies.

Synchronize your TV Online experience

To synchronize your favorite channels, you don’t have to do anything. We do it all for you at WhereverTV. Once you create your channel list on one device, we automatically can tell you which of those channels plays on any other device you want to watch them on. Not all channels work across all devices, however, if they do, you can watch them on whatever device you want, as the channels will follow you from device to device and from location to location.

Watch TV Online: Sign up for your free account today

In summary, you can easily watch TV online by visiting WhereverTV’s website and signing up for a free account today. Within minutes, you will have access to hundreds of free TV channels from around the world. You can then create your favorite channels list, synchronize it across devices, take it with you wherever you go, and watch whenever you want. It really is that simple!

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