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Get BYUTV Anywhere – Emmy Winning TV & Sports

Get BYUTV Anywhere – Emmy Winning TV & Sports

Why WhereverTV Makes Watching BYUTV Twice as Awesome!

BYUTV (short for Brigham Young University TV) is one of the most popular TV channels in the USA. It started out as a relatively unknown cable channel back in 2001, but now enjoys an impressive reach of over 65 million American homes. For its viewers, WhereverTV is now offering BYUTV as part of not one, but three subscription plans. And now you can get it FREE if you act FAST!BYUTV livestreaming onlive byu tv

At this point, BYUTV is available as a part of the CHOICE TV, FAITH TV and FREE TV ONLINE packages. This means viewers all over the world can now enjoy BYUTV Live in High Definition and at incredibly low rates!

(Secret tip: For the next 14 days, WhereverTV is offering Free Sign Up for its customers. Use this special code CHOICE14 when subscribing to the CHOICE TV package to watch BYUTV! Similarly, use FAITH14 if you are opting for FAITH TV package!!)

BYUTV – What You Need to Know About America’s EMMY Winning TV!

WhereverTV is home to several big names among international TV channels. And BYUTV is only the latest addition to its increasingly impressive list of channels.

Since its launch 15 years ago, BYUTV has grown rapidly. Over 65 million households** subscribe to it now, and around 800 cable systems have it on their menu. It was but a matter of time before WhereverTV began making it available for billions of international viewers!

(** Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BYUtv)

What makes BYUTV so popular among viewers anyway?

Simply put, it has something for everyone. BYUTV (http://www.byutv.org/about) offers family oriented programming, over 125 live sporting events, musical shows, documentaries, youth programs among others. The underlying motto of the channel is “see the good in the world“, and it does it in the best manner possible!

Our next section features all the great shows that are currently being aired on BYUTV channel. See for yourself. Each is better than the other!

A Brief Review of Top Shows on BYUTV

As we said earlier, BYUTV has something for everyone, including lots of sports events and original programming. And a look at their top shows confirms as much. In addition, it’s not that these shows lack in quality either. BYUTV has been nominated for TV’s EMMY awards for 11 times over recent years. Moreover, in the last two years alone, it has won as many as 5 Emmy awards!

WhereverTV makes it possible for you to watch all of these terrific shows at one place now. Take a look!

Studio C on BYUTV (https://wherever.tv/en/store/channel/6511/BYU-TV)

Easily one of the most popular shows on BYUTV. This hit comedy show features some of the most hilarious sketches and characters on TV. You can watch characters like Scott Sterling, the Bisque Man and the Awkward Avoidance Viking in action here.

Relative Race on BYUTV (https://wherever.tv/en/store/channel/6511/BYU-TV)

An amazing reality show where four real life couples race to win $25,000. The interesting bit? They need to use their DNA as the road map and find a new blood relative every day! And of course, it is every bit as engrossing as it sounds!!

The Story Trek on BYUTV (https://wherever.tv/en/store/channel/6511/BYU-TV)

The Story Trek is a unique travel show where you get to learn incredible stories from ordinary people. It is a treasure trove of amazing tales about courage, faith and strength. In conclusion, perfect for those looking for some inspirational programming on TV!

American Ride on BYUTV (https://wherever.tv/en/store/channel/6511/BYU-TV)

America’s very own, Stan Ellsworth, takes you on a breathtaking historical tour on the back of his Harley Davidson motorcycle. Watch as the story of America and its people unfolds in front of you. A firsthand experience that must be seen to understand the true meaning of being an American.

Tricked on BYUTV (https://wherever.tv/en/store/channel/6511/BYU-TV)

One of the most popular magicians in the world, Eric Leclerc, shows you all of the tricks he has up his sleeves. In other words, the program is all about pulling astonishing and mind-bending tricks in the public. Sleight of hands and exceptional disguises are the order of the day on this show!

BYU Sports Nation on BYUTV (https://wherever.tv/en/store/channel/6511/BYU-TV)

An insider’s look into the BYU Sports scene. Spencer Linton and Jarom Jordan present an in-depth analysis of everything that is related to BYU Sports. Also, you can watch engaging discussions and all-important interviews about the BYU basketball, football and 125 other live sporting events here.

Granite Flats on BYUTV (https://wherever.tv/en/store/channel/6511/BYU-TV)

BYUTV’s first scripted drama. It tells a gripping story from the Cold War era. About a small group of friends and their tryst with KGB and FBI agents in a small town of Colorado. Major stars include Christopher Llyod and Parker Posey. This great show is also available on NETFLIX now. Watch it for an edge of the seat thrilling experience!

BYUTV Sports Events (https://wherever.tv/en/store/channel/6511/BYU-TV)

BYUTV Sports events are aired on the BYU TV Channel all year round. Approximately 125 sporting events per year. Not just BYU temas, but the teams they play and more. That’s a lot of sports.

You can find all the relevant information regarding BYUTV and their shows on WhereverTV’s official YouTube channel too. Here is the link!

Also, Wikipedia has a pretty useful page with complete details about BYUTV. Find it Here (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BYUtv)!

Furthermore, you can share the news about WhereverTV and BYUTV’s great shows among your friends. We are present on YouTube, as well as Twitter, Facebook and Google+. We’d love it if you followed our pages, liked our posts and shared with your friends, please do!

How to Unlock 24/7 Access to BYUTV Live Using WhereverTV?

There are two ways you can achieve this. First, if you are a smartphone user, you need to follow these simple steps.

For Android or iOS Users

The entire sign up process at WhereverTV is easy. And it takes 3 minutes maximum. Once you are done with the initial registration, subscribing to a package of your choice is cakewalk.

For instance, to watch BYUTV on your device, you need to subscribe to CHOICE TV or FAITH TV or the FREE TV ONLINE package. Finally, as soon as you are done with selecting the required subscription package, you can Live Stream BYUTV (https://wherever.tv/en/store/channel/6511/BYU-TV) immediately!

Unlocking access to your favorite TV channels is even simpler for PC users. First of all, there is no download involved. And all you need to do, is Register on the WhereverTV website. Below is the steps you need to follow to watch BYUTV on your desktop computers or laptops.

BYUTV is also For Desktop and Laptop Users

  • Visit https://wherever.tv
  • Click on “Get Started” from the Menu.
  • Create a Free account on WhereverTV by entering a valid email and your name.
  • Choose and subscribe to CHOICETV or FREE TV ONLINE or FAITH TV to watch BYUTV. (Same as smartphone users, PC users can use the special promo code CHOICE14 or FAITH14.)

After you have subscribed to your preferred package, you will be able to access TV channels using an Interactive Program Guide (IPG). As a matter of fact, the IPG works like a digital remote control. Accordingly, it allows you to select and favorite the channels you like to watch. You can even add channels from outside of your package using the IPG. There are no limitations to what you can do with WhereverTV!

7 Important Benefits of Watching BYUTV at WhereverTV

Yep. You read it right. WhereverTV offers not one, not two, but as many as SEVEN benefits for its viewers. Here is the complete list!

Benefit #1: Outstanding Service

When you subscribe to WhereverTV, you can be assured that your favorite channels will be ON 24/7. At WhereverTV, we work constantly to ensure the transmission never gets interrupted. So, say Goodbye to lost signals and poor quality of video. Those are the things one finds with outdated Cable TV services! Join us to witness the new era of TV NOW!

Benefit #2: Portability, Redefined

Now take your favorite TV channel with you anywhere you want. Going to work? Sneak a peek at your favorite BYUTV show on the WhereverTV APP using your smartphone. Delayed flight? Why not pass your time watching TV on #1 WebTV App in the world?! No matter where you are, as long as you have an internet enabled device, you are never far from Live TV.

Download the FREE WhereverTV APP on your Android or Apple device. Also, Live stream your favorite channels on your laptop. WhereverTV grants you maximum portability.

Benefit #3: Low Subscription Charges

High definition TV channels do not come any cheaper. Compared to WhereverTV, other WebTV service providers today charge almost double the amount!! On the other hand, monthly subscription fees for your favorite TV channels start as low as $4.99 at WhereverTV! No prizes for guessing the winner of Internet TV race there!!

Benefit #4: Amazing Functionality

Using a single WhereverTV APP, you can skim, select, stream AND switch through hundreds of channels!! Meanwhile, most of other Internet TV services require you to download multiple apps to do similar functions. Then there is WhereverTV’s patented Interactive Program Guide (IPG). This amazing feature is all you need to watch Live TV on any portable device. In fact, IPG is your virtual remote control that allows you to manage BYUTV and other channels of your choice.

Soon, WhereverTV will introduce more features to the IPG technology. For example, recording Live TV using a DVR. Also in the works, is a social media plugin to SHARE and LIKE your favorite TV channels among friends! Download your WhereverTV APP now to gain access to more such amazing features (Apple Store, Google Play Store)!

Benefit #5: More Channels, More Options

WhereverTV offers hundreds of local and foreign channels from all over the world. As a result, you can enjoy top rated TV shows, dramas, sports events, movies, news, documentaries etc. Moreover, viewers can watch TV channels in their own language. When selecting a package, simply indicate the preferred language in which you want to watch TV channels.

Benefit #6: Pay Only For What You Ordered

At WhereverTV, viewers are charged fairly. No hidden fees, no annual contracts. Unlike others. You are allowed to pick the channels and packages of your choice and then charged accordingly. In addition, you don’t have to keep watching the same channel longer than you want to. Also, no annual contracts means you can change your plans whenever you want!

Benefit #7: It’s All About Convenience and Simplicity

Ultimately all that matters to customers is how satisfied they are with what we offer. WhereverTV realizes that. So, everything we offer is tailor made keeping in mind your convenience and ease of use. First and foremost, an easy and quick sign up process. Then comes, amazingly simple management of packages and channels. Finally, straightforward payment plans and methods. We at WhereverTV do no funny business. And ultimately, your convenience is our priority!

To top all these incredible benefits, WhereverTV keeps its customers interested by offering special discounts. One such offer is currently available for our subscribers. At this point, you can use special promo codes – CHOICE14, MOROCCO14, FAITH14, ARABIC14, GREEK14 and SPANISH14. What do these do? They make the Sign Up process FREE!

You need to HURRY though. This offer is for a limited period ONLY. It expires after 14 DAYS!!

So, Go ON. Avail this attractive offer now and SHARE, LIKE and TWEET about it! Presently, we are active on every popular social media platform. Also, make sure you FOLLOW and LIKE us to stay up to date with our latest offerings!


WhereverTV has been in business for a decade now. It was founded in 2006, and since then, has become one of the leading next generation TV service providers. We provide genre specific TV channels from around the world to customers like you in multiple languages. BYUTV (https://wherever.tv/en/store/channel/6511/BYU-TV) is our latest offering. You can watch it using the WhereverTV APP on your smartphone or using a browser on your computer. You can even stream Internet TV live on your TV at home using connectivity dongles and a set top box.

Bottom line is, we are prepared to offer you the ultimate quality in WebTV. Once you have tasted the pleasure of watching BYUTV using out technology. You will never want to go back to your old Cable and Satellite TV. Why would you anyway? WhereverTV is better in terms of quality of service, convenience, portability, price and ease of use. Grab your chance to experience something awesome today! Come Join WhereverTV. A whole new world awaits you!!

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