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JTV Jewelry TV – Watch It Anywhere – WhereverTV

JTV Jewelry TV – Watch It Anywhere – WhereverTV

JTV Jewelry TV: Watch America’s Favorite Jewelry Retailer Now on WhereverTV

JTV Jewelry TV is a shining name among the leading jewelry retailers in the USA. Since its launch in 1993, it has served as a window into the world of fine jewelry and gemstones for the American public.

What if we told you that JTV is now available for viewers not only in US but all over the globe on ANY DEVICE? Yes, you read it right! JTV Jewelry TV online internet livestreaming free app

Internet makes it possible, and WhereverTV is what you want to watch JTV Jewelry TV with. Why WhereverTV? Because it is convenient, cheap and completely portable. What does portability have to do with watching JTV? Everything! Especially, convenience and time management.

Imagine watching your favorite JTV on a flight or while waiting for your order in a restaurant. With WhereverTV, you gain unlimited access to any TV channel you want, anywhere and anytime. All you have to do is download the FREE WhereverTV APP on your smartphone. You can get it from the Apple Store (for iOS) or the Google Play Store (for Android) and start streaming JTV Jewelry TV Live NOW! Get it FREE, then keep it. Download the APP, or register on line through a web browser, and choose your preferred channel package (Choice TV Package and enter the PROMO CODE: CHOICE14 or go to Free TV Online Package and click the trial button).

Similarly, if you are using a computer, you simply need to Register at https://wherever.tv. The whole process takes 3 minutes and you gain instant access to every channel you want to watch in the package. Try it, then keep it!

JTV Jewelry TV, Everything There is To Know About It

The JTV Jewelry TV brand has been 23 years in the making now. It is a privately owned company, and a brainchild of America’s Collectible Network (ACN). It is one of the biggest jewelry and gemstones retailers in the country currently. However, it is hard to imagine that it started as a company that offered everything from baseball cards to electronics!

The Jewelry Television channel serves as an important cog in JTV’s retail strategy. It is part of an omni-digital approach which comprises a 24/7 live broadcast using mobile and TV, and social media. As of now, JTV enjoys a robust national reach of 86 million households in US alone. The Internet Retailer Top 500 List even put JTV at the top of its 2015 list.

The JTV Network also launched its mobile website and a very handy App in 2011, which you can download from the Apple Store here.

What Does JTV Jewelry TV Has to Offer for its Viewers?

The main product offerings include – fine jewelry, gemstone varieties, jewelry making tools, watches, collectibles etc. Also, you will find valuable instructional material about jewelry industry and gemstone-based skin care.

The JTV channel provides viewers an immersive experience through a 24 hour broadcast. Because of its unique programs, you can learn about jewelry from reputed Gemologists and Jewelry professionals. There is also an excellent Learning Library provided at the JTV website, which tells you everything about gemstones. However, the ultimate aim remains to uplift women by offering extraordinary ornaments at an extraordinary price. At JTV, you can get a large variety of fashionable jewelry at up to 80% discount!

Some of the most informative popular programs shown on the Jewelry TV are -:

  • Sparkle in Silver
  • Silver Showcase
  • Jewelry Under $75
  • Sterling Moments
  • Artisan Gem Collection
  • Diamond True Brilliance
  • Affordable Luxuries
  • Jewel School – Engraver Tool & Big Kick & New Beads

By watching Jewel School, viewers get to learn about the different kinds of jewelry engraving tools and beads. Also provided is an in-depth information about jewelry making by a panel of experts and professionals.

How To Watch JTV – Jewelry TV using WhereverTV?

Watching your favorite Jewelry TV Channel is nowhere as simple and convenient as it is at WhereverTV. You can live stream the JTV Jewelry channel on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or a smart TV at home. All you need to do is subscribe to the package of your choice and you are good to go!

At WhereverTV, JTV Jewelry TV is currently being provided as a part of the ChoiceTV Package and Free TV Online package. Once you are done with the subscription part, you can continue to enjoy livestreaming JTV in a language of your choice. Furthermore, you get to enjoy several other internet tv channels from around the world as a part of the ChoiceTV package. An informative guide about all of the available online TV channels can be found here on the WhereverTV’s official YouTube channel.

With an active subscription you can access and sift through your favorite channels using an Interactive Program Guide (IPG). Basically, the IPG is like a virtual remote control that allows you to pick what you want to see from hundreds of channels available.

At the same time, the IPG enables live streaming the channels of your choice on any device of your choice! So, it doesn’t matter if you are using a smartphone, tablet or PC. All you need to do is register, select a package and start live streaming your TV channels!

Registration For JTV Jewelry TV at WhereverTV Explained in 3 Easy Steps!

For PC and Tablet Users

The entire registration process takes less than 5 minutes. And the best part is, it does not ask for any detail other than an active email and your name. Once through with the registration, you can immediately proceed to select a package of your choice. For example, to watch JTV Jewelry TV, you need to pick either Choice TV or the Free TV Online package. Consequently, you gain instant access to your favorite channel and several others!

For iOS and Android Users

The registration is even easier for smartphone users. If you are using iOS on your device, you simply need to download the WhereverTV APP from the Apple Store. And the best part is that it is completely FREE!

Similarly, for Android users, all they need to do is download the FREE WhereverTV APP from the Google Play Store. Thereafter, they can stream live channels once done selecting the package within minutes!

What Makes Watching JTV – Jewelry TV at WhereverTV So AWESOME?

Everything! Right from the easy registration to the multiple package options to the cheapest rates, WhereverTV is all about customers like you. We take special care to ensure you are provided with an experience unmatched anywhere else!

Don’t believe us? Take a look at the perks we guarantee and then, tell us if you still aren’t excited!

Amazing Portability

No matter where you are. Whether driving, at work, on a flight or in your bedroom, WhereverTV App makes it possible to watch TV channels anywhere, anytime. Simply download it to your smartphone or tablet and you are ready to stream Live TV anywhere you want. And of course, the APP comes completely FREE!

If you are using a computer or a tablet, simply login to your account on the WhereverTV website and start streaming through your browser. Nothing holding you back there either.

And obviously, the option to watch your favorite channels on a big screen TV from your couch is always there. Simply put, WhereverTV works for people at both extremes – couch potatoes as well as those on the go 24/7!

HD TV, Uninterrupted

WhereverTV stores all your data on Cloud. Hence, you could be anywhere in the world, you will never be far away from your favorite TV channels. An active subscription and an internet enabled device is all you need to watch TV at its highest quality.

All of your favorite channels, including JTV Jewelry TV are available for viewing 24 hours a day. At WhereverTV, you will never get lost or interrupted signals. Stream Live HD TV, 24/7, uninterrupted.

More Channels For Less

Nowhere will you find rates as lower as those at WhereverTV. Our cheapest packages start at a mere $4.99/month and even the most expensive ones are priced at a very affordable $29.99/month. Cable and satellite TV simply can not afford this level of pricing, and other Internet TV services charge almost twice as much!

At WhereverTV, you get to watch hundreds of local and foreign channels at incredibly low rates. Simply download the WhereverTV APP for FREE on your smartphones or signup to watch through a browser. By the way, did we tell you that for the next 14 Days, we have made the signing up process completely FREE just for you?!

YES, WE HAVE! Simply enter the code “CHOICE14” when subscribing to the CHOICE TV package for watching JTV- Jewelry TV. This works for other packages as well. Based on the package you are subscribing, apply these codes – FAITH14, MOROCCO4, ARABIC14, GREEK14, OR SPANISH14.

So, Go Ahead, TV is not going to get any cheaper than this. Subscribe now!

P.S. Feel free to spread the word about our amazing offer with your friends and public on social media. We are present on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ . Remember, the offer is valid only for 14 days. So you will need to HURRY!

Versatile Functionality

With one active account, you can access your favorite TV channels on any internet-enabled device, anywhere in the world. This is made possible by the innovative Interactive Program Guide (IPG), a patented feature of WhereverTV. The IPG allows you to access JTV Jewelry TV and other channels, and skim through them effortlessly.

Another advantage with WhereverTV is that you need only one app to switch between channels. On the other hand, most of the other internet TV services require multiple apps to do the same. When using the WhereverTV App, you can even “Favorite” the channels you like and add outside channels. Try the smart WhereverTV APP by downloading it from Google Play Store or the Apple Store now.

In future, you can be sure that the functionality of WhereverTV is going to only expand. Soon, you will be able to record Live TV on a digital DVR for later viewing. We are also working towards adding Social media feature to our Internet TV services. This will allow you to share your favorite programs and channels on TV with friends and public. At the same time, you will be able to see what others share with you too. The possibilities are endless with WhereverTV. All we need is for you to JOIN US!

Pay Only For What You Want To Watch

A distinct advantage of using an Internet TV service such as WhereverTV, is that you pay only for what you view. The entire fee is calculated based on the package you subscribe and the channels you choose to view. Therefore, as long as you are subscribed to WhereverTV, you are billed the right amount for only the right channel(s) of your choice.

What’s more, WhereverTV does not require you to enter into a contract when signing up. You are free to subscribe to your favorite package and channel for any duration you want. There is no fixed 6-month or 1-year obligation on your part when joining WhereverTV. As a result, you save a considerable amount of money in the long as well as the short run!

Ease of Use

WhereverTV is all about customer convenience and satisfaction. Therefore, we try to make everything easy for you. Our registration takes less than 5 minutes. Our smart WhereverTV App is easily available for download from Apple Store and Google Play Store. And our patented Interactive Program Guide is always there to make your TV viewing the most comfortable and effortless.

So, all you need to do to watch JTV Jewelry TV is sign up with us, and select the ChoiceTV package or the Free TV Online package, and start streaming! Remember, the only thing keeping you from a wholesome experience at WhereverTV is You!!

The Best Web TV App for America’s Best Jewelry TV

On one hand is America’s leading jewelry retailer, JTV Jewelry TV. And on the other hand, is WhereverTV, the #1 Web TV App there is in the world. The combination couldn’t be any better. All of WhereverTV’s features and technology work together to deliver the perfect viewing experience for you. So whether it is JTV Jewelry TV, or any of the hundreds of channels we offer, you will never be disappointed. Why wait, Join us today. And don’t forget to Share, Like and Follow us!

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