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2M Maroc 2018-01-20T15:29:25+00:00

2M Maroc

2M TV - Top rated family entertainment channel from Morocco.

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Morocco TV

From: $9.99 / month

2M TV Maroc Live Online is the number 1 rated Moroccan television service. It is delivered live from Casablanca. 2M Maroc offers a wealth of top rated entertainment, including series, dramas, movies, sports, music and live breaking news. 2M TV is the only channel from Morocco that makes the necessary investment into content to ensure viewers enjoy highest quality productions and exclusive shows for the entire family. A must see channel for the ex-pat audience. Watch 2M Maroc internet TV online and anywhere.The Arabic TV Package and the Morocco TV Package includes live-streaming 2M Maroc online TV channel. Watch 2M Maroc on internet TV now.