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CB Noticias 24 2018-01-20T15:34:09+00:00

CB Noticias 24

The first and only news network produced in Central America for the US Hispanic audience.

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The CB 24 Noticias channel is one of the most popular sources of information and news for Latin Americans all over the world. This Spanish-language channel is available 24/7 on live TV and brings together all the major updates from Central America. The target audience of the channel is the Hispanic population living in Central America, Latin America and the USA.Livestreaming CB 24 Noticias allows you to access the channel’s wide coverage throughout the Central American region. At the moment, CB 24 has correspondents in six out of seven countries in the region including Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Panama. This helps the channel cover and report all the major news in the Central America to the local and international audience.The programming on CB 24 Noticias consists of various segments like politics, society, culture, economics, entertainment, lifestyle and sports. In addition, the Live TV shows offer opinion based content, interviews and debates on topics that matter the most. Also available are latest breaking news, sports updates, event reports and health and fitness tips. WhereverTV also offers Spanish, in language Live TV online channels at its affiliated Latino website: https://wherevertvlatino.tv