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France 24 English 2018-01-22T09:32:20+00:00

France 24 English

Live 24x7 global news channel covering all news and news related events.

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France 24 Live TV is a 24/7 live streaming world news and current affairs television aimed at ex-pats and overseas markets. Its stated mission is to “cover international current events from a French perspective and to convey French values throughout the world”. France 24’s programming is a combination of international news special reports and news magazines. It started broadcasting in December 2006. FRANCE 24 is also offered in Arabic and French languages. The channel based in Paris and broadcast in English. Check out our other France 24 channels by clicking the link for France 24 FR and France 24 Arabic.Popular programming on France 24 Live includes: The News – A 15-minute bulletin airs every half-hour, The 51%, The Week in the Americas ? hosted by Annette Young, The Week in the Maghreb,The Week in Africa ? hosted by Genie Godula, The Week in Asia ? hosted by Claire Pryde, The Week in France ? hosted by Nadia Charbit,Beyond Business ? hosted by Markus Karlsson, The Business Interview ? hosted by Markus Karlsson, Culture ? hosted by Eve Jackson, Catherine Nicholson, Fashion, Rendez-vous in France, Reporters ? hosted by Mark Owen, Talking Europe ? hosted by Christophe Robeet, Tech 24 ? hosted by Anelise Borges, The Week in the Middle East, Culture Critique ? hosted by Sylvia Whitman on literature, Amobe Mevegue on music, Sean Rose on exhibitions, Lisa Nesselson on cinema and Jessica Michault on fashion, The Debate ? hosted by Fran?ois Picard, Focus, France Bon App?tit, Health, In the Papers ? hosted by Florence Villeminot, In the Weeklies ? hosted by Florence Villeminot, The Interview, Lifestyle, Live from Paris, Media Watch ? hosted by James Creedon, The Observers ? hosted by Derek Thomson, Planet Hope ? hosted by Hannah Moffatt, Politics ? hosted by Marc Perelman,Down to Earth ? hosted by Mairead Dundas, Europe District with Christophe Robeet, Top Story, Web News and The World This Week.