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Juce TV

A youth television network with exclusive concerts, extreme sports and faith based programs.

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JUCE TV ( JCTV ) is a live-streaming, worldwide Christian channel for young adults and teenagers between 13 and 30 years of age. It broadcasts 24/7 and airs Christian entertainment, church services, music videos, sports programming, movies and lifestyle shows. Juce TV utilizes Christian rock events, Christian performer and band documentaries, news, VJ’s, music videos, extreme sports athletes, and action sports programming to attract and retain youthful viewers, and create popularity. The channel is also associated with 38 other channels including: TBN, TBN Salsa, Son Life and Smile of a Child channels. The channel is owned by Trinity Broadcasting. A list of past, present and future programmig includes: Bananas, Lakewood Church Show, The Logan Show, Nikki & Babs’ Do’s & Dont’s, Pastor Greg, The Stranger, Walk on Water, 7th Street Theater, Acquire The Fire, “Fire By Nite”, “Gospel Bill”, Ask God, Bomb Shelter, Beyond The Lens With Dan and Andy, Christianity 101, Cruise with a Cause, Damascus Roads, Dream Center, Drive Thru History, Encounter TV with David Diga Hernandez, Extreme Video Zone, FM, Generation TV, Get Real, Global Ventures, G-Rock, Harvest, Hot Off the Press, H2O, iShine Knect, Joel, Laugh with the Skit Guys, Not a Fan, Peculiar, Real [Music] Videos, The Remix, Revolution TV, Rewind, Rock-it TV, This Generation, The Revolutionary Life, Top 3, Travel the Road, TX-10, Virtual Memory, The Way of the Master, WWJD TV, Xtreme Impact, Xtreme Life, Youth Impact, Upcoming, Action House TV, M.O.T.U (Ministers Of Tha Underground), Revival TV, The Revolution