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RT Espanol

RT Espanol Description

RT Espanol, also known as RT Spanish or simply RT News, has a reputation for being one of the best sources of news that is often ignored by the mainstream media. RT Espanol programming focuses on news, interviews, documentaries, analysis, sports, scientific programs as well as entertainment shows. It is a Live TV channel providing alternative views on recent events, and presents an international audience with a Russian perspective on the current state of affairs around the world. This is the main reason it enjoys the popularity in the countries of Latin America, Europe and North America. Some of its most popular programs include: RT Report (A firsthand account of RT Espanol's journalists' experience of working in different parts of the world in different conditions), Detras de la Noticia, or Behind the News (Lawyer and writer Eva Golinger examines and discusses controversial issues with concerned important personalities), and La lista de Erick (Erick list) - an entertainment show featuring Mexican journalist Erick Fonseca and his adventures as a foreigner in Russia. RT TV, the parent TV network of RT Espanol, is the only Russian channel to have been nominated for International Emmy Awards four times. In addition, it is also among the top 5 most watched international TV news channels in the US, with a viewership of over 8 million. Presently, in the countries of Middle East Asia and Africa, the RT Arabic audience is even bigger at 11 million tuning in every week. WhereverTV also offers Spanish, in language Live TV channels at its affiliated Latino website:

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