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Telefe Description

Telefe Online is Argentina's leading national television channel. It is broadcast in Spanish 24/7 and one of the most watched channels in the country. It is a complete entertainment package that includes everything for everyone. Sports, news, novelas, comedy shows, dramas, kids shows, reality shows, FIFA soccer and movies - Telefe provides wholesome entertainment for the whole family. For Drama lovers, there are shows like The Lioness and Sila, and the recently begun El Regreso de Lucas (The Return of Lucas). There are also comedy shows such as Controversial in the Bar (Polemica en el Bar) and Casados con Hijos, the Argentinian version of American hit sitcom Married with Children. And in sports, Telefe Online TV airs all the major sporting events including the FIFA World Cup and the Argentina Primera Division matches. Finally, for the lifestyle category, you can find shows like El Gran Bartender (The Bartender) and Masterchef. The biggest plus point of Telefe Online though is that it serves original content on Live TV online with a distinct Argentinian flavor. No other Latin American channel offers quality programming quite like Telefe. The proof lies in the fact that it is now widely popular in Europe, Asia and Oceania, in addition to the Americas. WhereverTV also offers Spanish, in language Live TV channels at its affiliated Latino website:

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