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UN3 TV Description

UN3 TV channel is a new, young, eclectic and completely unique TV channel from Argentina. UN3 combines humor, philosophy and music to deliver eclectic content in High Definition, 24/7 with as many as 40 programs shown throughout the day. The programming consists of mini series, short films, comedy sketches, animations, films, fiction - all of which make UN3 TV a unique, cool station full of new things to watch. The best programs include Trabajo Y Estudio, Momentos con Liniers, Buenos Aires Web Fest, En el Carrousel, Seleccion Brando, Tres Escenas, Buscando a X, Soy Curioso, Dilemas Existenciales and many more. All the programs focus on delivering post-modern content rooted in ground reality for its viewers. The UN3 TV channel was created by the University of Tres de Febrero (UNTREF) and designed to deliver original, groundbreaking and innovative programming for young people and college students. UN3 TV follows an utterly unconventional format. None of the programs are longer than 15 minutes. UN3 TV is a young, eclectic, novel television channel all in HD programming, where artists and professionals from the audiovisual market develop original and creative contents. UN3 offers viewers a selection of well-known and novel artists, as well as young producers who can materialize their experimental search or their small audiovisual dream. Micro series, short films, humor, animation, film seasons and self-produced fiction, among other formats, make UN3 TV an original and cool TV station, full of new things to watch. All productions originate in Argentina. In that short span of time, UN3 is able to offer its viewers experimental TV at its best. WhereverTV also offers Spanish, in language Live TV channels at its affiliated Latino website:

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