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Who doesn’t like movies?

They are a window to the la la land of celebrities. A glimpse into the dazzling world of movie stars. The same world, which is at once both open for all to see and secretive to say the least. With all the stars on display, it is definitely one of the most attractive worlds for sure. Little wonder then, you and I, we all cannot help but seek more of what we never seem to have enough.

Now imagine a medium that transports you directly to the center of such an exclusive world. It has to be awesome right?

It is!!

And it is called Entertainment Studios TV or ES TV.

ES TV – High Quality Entertainment For You

Entertainment Studios TV (ES TV) is one of the 8 HD networks from the Entertainment Studios Networks. It is all about delivering exclusive content from the world of movie stars and entertainment to you 24/7. With ES TV, you get unrestricted access to major red carpet events, blockbusters, A-list celebrities and much more.

What helps ES TV’s cause most is that it has Byron Allen at its helm. Being an industry insider, Byron knows exactly what to deliver and how to deliver it in the best way. Thanks to him, ES TV is able to provide a direct scoop of the latest news and happenings in Hollywood.

Here is a look at all the hit shows that ES TV has to offer.

Top Shows Currently Running at ES TV

Entertainers with Byron Allen

It is a TV talk show where Byron Allen interviews high profile guests from the field of sports, movies and music. The show follows a magazine format where clips and footage are used to introduce viewers to the guests. Most of the interviews take place outside of the studio and where players practice or even, at their home.

This is where the show scores over other similar talk shows on TV. In contrast to others, it offers a unique personal touch to the conversation. Also, as the camera takes you inside their homes, you get an exclusive insight into the lives of celebrities.

The First Family

A hilarious sitcom about a Democrat President in the White House. Oh and he happens to be an African American. No, the show does not remotely mirror Barack Obama as you will find for yourselves. In fact, it is quite the opposite as the first family in question here spends most of their time dealing with (mis)adventures of all kinds.

Watch Christopher Duncan play the main role, where he tries to balance his political life with the personal one. Lots of interesting characters come together to deliver one of the funnier shows around. You will find yourself hooked to the plot in no time!

America’s Court with Judge Ross

An Emmy nominated show where former LA judge, Kevin A. Ross, handles small court cases on TV. So far, there have been 5 seasons of the show and it continues to grow popular. The key to its success is the razor sharp with which Judge Ross dishes out justice. It must help that he has over 60,000 cases under his belt too!

Along with ES TV, you can also catch America’s Court with Judge Ross on Entertainment Studios’ Justice Central network. Miss this stylish legal courtroom drama at your own risk!

Mr. Box Office

Mr. Box Office debuted back in 2012 and has since been among the hit shows on ES TV. The show focuses on a movie star who gets a community service sentence because of an altercation with the paparazzi. His movie career is put on hold and he ends up teaching high school kids. Jon Lovitz stars as the movie star’s agent who is constantly finding ways to coerce the star back into the movie business.

Also creating mishaps along the way are the movie star’s buddies. This mad caper also features stars such as Bill Belamy, Vivica A. Fox, Gary Busey and Clifton Davis.

Who Wants to Date a Comedian?

It is a reality dating show created by Byron Allen. The USP of Who Wants to Date a Comedian is the common perception that a sense of humor is key to a good relationship. As such, the show features stand up comedians as contestants who have to choose from three potential suitors.

Most of the comics are regulars from the Los Angeles area comic clubs. You can also watch clips of their routine acts from the club or clips from original shows on Entertainment Studios’ comedy channel, Comedy.TV.

The entire show is tinged with witty humor, quips, sarcasm and fun. Tag along for a joyful ride as romance develops one punchline at a time!

The Young Icons

The Young Icons is a biographical TV series on ES TV. The show focuses on kids between the age 10 to 16 years old with incredible achievements in life. These young children include everyone from seemingly ordinary kids to aspiring drivers, pilots, entertainers et al. The sheer ambition of these talented little ones is sure to inspire you and anybody else who chooses to watch the show.

How to Watch ES TV?

Presently, WhereverTV is offering ES TV as a part of its CHOICE TV package. To subscribe to the package, all you have to do is download the FREE WhereverTV app to your smartphone or register at WhereverTV’s official website. Either way works fine and you could be streaming ES TV LIVE in no time!!

Using Smartphones

To watch ES TV LIVE on your smartphone, you need to download the WhereverTV app from Google Play Store (for Android) or Apple Store (iOS). It is completely free and takes less than a minute. Once you are done installing the app, you can purchase the subscription package and plan of your choice.

For instance, to watch ES TV, simply subscribe to the CHOICE TV package at WhereverTV. Pick up the plan – monthly, bi-annual or annual, as you please and you are ready to go!

Using Computer or smartTV

In case you want to LIVE stream ES TV on your laptop, desktop or smartTV, all you have to do is Register at the WhereverTV website. The entire process is easy and you don’t need to fill up any lengthy forms. Simply put in your name and a valid email and you are done. Next, choose the package and plan of your choice and you can start watching LIVE HD TV instantly.

Of course, to watch ES TV, you must subscribe to the CHOICE TV package as mentioned before. You can opt for the 1-month plan that costs only $9.99 per month or go for an even cheaper option – 6-months at just $49.99! That is less than $7 for a whole month of quality programs at ES TV!

Can it get any better than this?

Turns out, it can and it does! Continue reading below to find out how!

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Mind = Blown, right??!

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