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Watch Live Streaming TV anywhere with the #1 TV APP from WhereverTV. Get hundreds of channels from around the world in many languages. Use WhereverTV’s patented IPG (Interactive Program Guide) to manage subscriptions, change channels or to add any outside channel to your digital remote control. WhereverTV provides no-contract, prepaid subscriptions accessible on Any Device. Your account is in the Cloud, accessible anywhere you have an internet connection. For mobile devices and tablets, simply download the APP from the Apple Store or from Google Play. Or watch WhereverTV directly on your computer. For desktop or laptop computer users, simply choose "Get Started" from the menu and register your account. Your account will work from any device, anytime through the APP or a web browser. Next, select your subscription package. Wherever TV offers hundreds of channels from around the world, in many languages. Never before has television been more fun, more portable, or more manageable. Please choose your APP store for mobile devices, or the Get Started for computers.

Live Streaming TV Channels

WhereverTV offers hundreds of live streaming TV channels from around the world in many languages. Channels include news, sports, films, music channels, movies, dramas, comedy, reality TV, specific genres, poker, westerns, faith based and more. You can choose between several packages to receive some or all of these channels: GOD TV Live, BYU TV, INSP TV (Inspiration TV), Jewelry TV, NRB TV, RT News, TBN Live, FNX TV, Juce TV - JCTV, Smile, The Church Channel, RT Arabic, France 24 FR, Dandana TV, Al Quran Al Karim TV, Al Rasheed TV, Al Rayyan TV, MTC TV - Melli TV, Payam TV, Syria Drama TV, Syria TV, Yemen TV, eScapes TV, FNTSY Sport Network, Fight Network Channel, NewsMax, RT Documentary, Vibrant TV, YouToo America, TVG2 - Horse Racing Channel, AWE TV, Biz TV, One America News Channel, Revolt TV Channel, France 24 Live, Bandwagon Live, RT Espanol, Hola TV, CB Noticias 24, Canal Sur, Telefe, Teleformula, Estudio 5, Nuevo Tiempo, Musica Tropical, Musica Romantica, La Mega Mundial, Movee4U, SonLife, Dream TV, My Life TV, Westerns Channel, American Cooking Show, AtreSeries, Antena 3, TYC Sports, Video Rola, Canal 52, Superene, Digital RodeoTV , TV Quisqueya, BYU International, Libya TV, Libya Awalan TV, Weather Network, Los Angeles Weather Channel, Cars.TV, Pets.TV, ES.TV, JusticeCentral.TV, Comedy TV, Recipe.TV, MyDestination.TV, UN3 TV, LifeDesign TV, Canal de la Ciudad, TV Chile, Lechicjazz Radio, Auto-Play TV Network, New BeginningTV Network, Living FaithTV, Gospel Music4U TV, Outdoor Sport Channel, Darryl Worley TV, 3ABN, 3ABN Proclaim!, 3ABN Kids Network, Dare To Dream Network, Hillsong Channel, and more. Click any link to learn more.

Live streaming TV Subscription Packages

WhereverTV subscription packages are specific to language or genre. Package choices include channels from specific regions or specific countries or according to the genre. Click any link to learn more. FAITH TV, MOROCCO TV, CHOICE TV, SPANISH TV, DIGITAL RODEOTV , and more.